The best wing foil spots in Sardinia

Wing Foil Spot Posada in Sardinia

In recent years, wing foiling has become one of the hottest trends in water sports and is taking coasts and lakes around the world by storm. Sardinia, the breathtaking island in the Mediterranean, is becoming an increasingly popular wing foil destination. With its perfect combination of crystal clear waters, constant winds and picturesque beaches, Sardinia offers ideal conditions for both beginners and advanced wing foilers.

Here are our wing foil spot recommendations for Sardinia’s north-east:

Wing Foil Spot Porto Liscia

Porto Liscia on the north coast of Sardinia is one of our favorite wing foil spots and is suitable for wing foilers of all skill levels. The shallow water makes this spot perfect for learning wing foiling. Porto Liscia works particularly well in mistral, which can also be very gusty here. For advanced riders, the more open waters off Porto Liscia offer the opportunity to further improve their skills and hone their maneuvers. There is a nice wing foil and windsurfing community on site, a windsurfing and wing foil club and a snack bar.

Where to stay: Unfortunately, there are no accommodation options directly at the spot. Watch out for wild camping! In the summer months, the area is heavily patrolled and more than one car tire has been slashed.

Wing Foil Spot Posada

Posada is another first-class wing foil spot and still a real insider tip. Thanks to a local thermal in the summer months, Posada, located on the east coast of Sardinia, is particularly wind-safe. The sheltered bay offers calm waters and gentle, constant winds, perfect for wing foil beginners. For advanced riders, some stronger winds from the south-east and north-east and occasional waves offer additional challenges and exciting riding experiences. The water is quite deep and there are no rocks or sandbanks lurking anywhere. There is plenty of space to set up and linger on the long, wide sandy beach and the view from the water of the medieval village of Posada and the mountains in the hinterland is unique. There are two nice snack bars on the beach and a great pizzeria (top value for money!) on the campsite.

Please note: During the high season from May to September, the corridor at the Nido Surf water sports center must be used for access. Here you can also book wing foil lessons with certified instructors or rent the latest F-One Wing equipment.

Where to stay: Directly at the Posada spot is the beautiful, relaxed and shady Camping Ermosa campsite, which also rents out bungalows.

Wing Foil Spot Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo is a well-known hotspot for water sports enthusiasts and offers great conditions for wing foiling, especially in the low season. In Porto Pollo, the Mistral wind comes in particularly well and mostly side-shore and can reach speeds of up to 40 knots here. This spot is therefore only suitable for beginners to a limited extent and on calmer days. The eastern bay in Port Pollo usually has nice flat water, whereas the western bay has a choppy wave. In the high season, it gets very crowded on the water here, and the many bathing areas and bathers also make it difficult to get in and out with the foil. We therefore recommend Porto Pollo from April to June and from October onwards. During the season, there are plenty of snack bars and water sports schools.

Where to stay: The Isola dei Gabbiani vacation village and campsite is located directly at the spot.

Wing Foil Spot Murta Maria

Murta Maria, located near Olbia, is another hidden treasure for wing-foilers in Sardinia. With its calm waters, this spot offers a perfect environment for beginners and advanced wing foilers. Murta Maria works best with mistral and scirocco. The picturesque backdrop and relaxed atmosphere make Murta Maria a popular destination for those who want to enjoy wing foiling in a tranquil environment. During the season there is a snack bar and a windsurfing and wing foil club on site.

Where to stay: Unfortunately, there are no accommodation options directly at the spot. In the surrounding bays, wild camping is sometimes possible, especially in the low season.